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Special tools for model railroading


Templates for cutting, bending styrene profiles, etc.. . .

Whatsoever for drawing plans, cutting framework planks, laying track, bending pipes or any other work that tends to repeat itself, I made templates that allow me to save time while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

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Rail bender

The flexible tracks allow to create very realistic and complex forms.
However, due to their flexibility, these rails lead to mechanical stresses at their ends when installed in a curve. To avoid these constraints, here is a device that pre-shape rails prior to installation.
This project was inspired by Jacques Le Plat. (see Links page)
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Cork cutter

The cork strip's cutting that represent the ballast is a tedious process because of the amount of strips to be cut.
Here is a small device very simple to make that simplifies and speeds up the cutting.
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Wiring trolley

The wiring sessions under the benchwork are often very uncomfortable because of the position to adopt, too low to be seated and too high to lie on the floor.
This trolley is inspired from device used by auto mechanics before that the lifts were widespread.
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Painting booth

To avoid the danger caused by the solvents used with airbrush or aerosol and the "fallout" of paint everywhere, here is a booth with aspiration and integrated lighting.
This device is also useful for cleaning by solvents, bondings,
baths for the production of PCB, etc..
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Styrene cutter    new

In order to build various structures in scratch building, I have to cut styrene sheets and embossed sheets imitating bricks and others.
To do so, I designed a small device that allows precision cuts and perpendicular.
In addition to that cutting table, I also designed a small sanding plate.
March 18, 2011

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