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Links to model railroading websites

In order to clarify their presentation, the links are grouped into different sections.
This list is not exhaustive, it will change as my discoveries.

When you visit these sites, I ask you to respect the demands of their authors concerning the protection of intellectual rights and copyrights.

Happy reading and good trips.


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1 - Standarts and références

The MOROP is the agency that sets the standards of European Model (NEM).
You find there response to lots of questions in layout design.

The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) is an American association working for the development and promotion of model railroading.
This association defines and publishes standards and recommendations.
It distributes prizes (awards) to best modelers and layouts.
A must in this matter !

2 - Model railroads

prorail Jacques Le Plat, a talented modeler who spent nearly 30 years to achieve his dream, continues to share his passion through stories published in various journals and through his books including the famous "Greetings from Ferbach ".
He defines his own work as "the model of atmosphere"
He also participated in the diffusion of the John Allen's work, a fabulous U.S. modeler of the 60's.
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Gilbert Gribi, talented Swiss modeler and specialized in 0 scale (1 / 43-1 / 45 - 1 / 48)
exhibited his creations through relevant articles and great pictures.
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3 - Real industrial sites

Gilles Durvaux,  a graduate teacher of graphic arts and digital imaging,
presents us, in photos, our industrial heritage ante and post mortem.
You'll find the necessary inspiration for reproduction of these sites.
For my part, I had the pleasure of receiving his advice regarding coke plant.
The buildings forming the coke plant on my layout are directly inspired by his photos.
A must see!

Vincent Duseigne and a his team of cave explorers, make us discover, through wonderful photographic reporting, our industrial and mining heritage frequently forgotten.
I am very happy to benefit from his expertise to build the coke oven model.
A must see!

4 - Model railroad magazines

Model Railroad Hobbyist  Magazine is a free model railroading web magazine which presents
many layouts, tips and tricks, scenery materials, etc.. . .
It is very interesting and free!

5 - Technical

wiring_dcc ALLAN GARTNER is an American modeler who has developed a website "Wiring forDCC" specializes in wiring for DCC and particularly, the wiring of the switches.
 You'll find lots of useful information about the DCC and its wiring.

6 - Manufacturers

In terms of DCC control, LENZ equipment is among the most efficient, reliable and precursor.
 You will find from them a variety of devices and accessories of all kinds.
 This company cooperates with the NMRA to the development of DCC standarts

LEMATEC (ex LEMACO) is a Swiss manufacturer of beautiful handmade brass models.
 It also manufactures switch motors used on this layout.

Walthers is an U.S. company specialized in model railroading.
Particularly, It sells the superb Cornerstone kits.

slaters SLATER'S is a British manufacturer for model railroading products
and especially the famous "plastikard" plain or structured.
You'll find a wide range of bricks, stones, tiles at different scales.

raboesch RABOESCH  is a Dutch manufacturer of styrene profiles and plastikards.
You'll find all the shapes necessary for the realization of scratch building structures.

auhagen AUHAGEN  is a German manufacturer of plastic models dedicated to model railroading.
They particularly have good representations of steel structures quite interesting.
Their online sales service is fast and serious, their prices are interesting.

7 - Suppliers

rs R S Components is an electronic and mechanical components supplier.
 It is mainly intended to enterprises but also to individuals.
 You can find there the components and tools shown on this site such as:
 electronic components, soldering irons, flux, solder, tinned copper wire, etc..

train_station The Train Station is a model railroad retailer.
 You will find, from them, all Walthers materials including the famous Walthers Cornerstone kits.
 All this with a fast and quality service, and attractive prices.
 All this on the web!

8 - Special tools for modelers

XURON is a U.S. manufacturer of precision tooling for the electronic industry, jewelry, model, etc.. . .
It particulary produces the famous "track cutter " 2175B, which interests us.

PROXXON is well known to modelers for making excellent micro-machines.
I built my home made track bender from one of their vices.

KWB is a craft tool manufacturer and especially the precision rule Linemaster.

9 - Computer softwares

RAILY 4 is a CAD software adapted to model railroading .
I have been using this software to develop my layout's plans.

Cadsoft Eagle is a design software for electronic circuits and also for the production of printed circuits. There is a freeware version of this software that is perfect for our hobby.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software that allows you to view pdf files.
This link downloads the software corresponding to your Operating System and language.
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