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Conception of the layout

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Drawings of the layout at 1/1 scale

The drawing software offers the advantage of easy management of corrections.
In addition, they can work in 3D and integrate the scenery in the design.
Among CAD software adapted to model railroading, I chose Raily4. (see Links)
From CAD drawings, I made a blueprint at scale 1.
For this I have used kraft paper roll 1.20m wide, cut to the length of the layout (4m10).
January 11, 2011

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Model of the layout at 1/5th scale

To complete the plans, a model will be much more representative of the project,
it will help to represent the future layout in 3 D.
In model railroading, John Allen in the 60s had already understood the interest of such a model.
Jacques Le Plat has realized a gorgeous one for his layout. (see Links)

January 11, 2011

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